Peace, A New Future
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After having lived together for 5000 years, our Korean nation had been separated for 70 years. Today at this place I propose to completely end 70 years of animosity and take a big step toward to once again become one and unify. President Moon Jae-in, speech in front of 150,000 citizens of Pyongyang, September 19, 2018.


Dear esteemed friend--on one year anniversary of the historic Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of 2018.


This week, Im bringing you the archived Korea Update 63, "Peace, A New Future" Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of 2018--a historic journey toward peace on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia!


I hope that the archived memory and these pieces bring some new passion and commitment to our marvelous journey!


Please help us as our road is indeed going to be a very long one.



Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.


Without her you wouldn't have set out.


She has nothing left to give you now.




And if you find her poor, Ithaka wont have fooled you.


Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,


youll have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.



This Week in New York!


9/23 Summit meeting between President Moon and Trump


9/24 President Moon's Keynote Speech, The United Nations


1. Moon to push 'interim deal' to Trump at the summit. Korea Times. #MoonMiracle


Moon and Trump will hold a summit Tuesday morning (KST) and the stalled nuclear disarmament talks between Washington and Pyongyang are expected to be near the top of their agenda.


2. (LEAD) N.K. chief negotiator welcomes Trump's 'new method,' voices optimism over talks


"I, as the chief delegate of the DPRK side to the DPRK-U.S. working-level negotiations, would like to welcome the wise political decision of President Trump to approach the DPRK-U.S. relations from a more practical point of view," he said, referring to the dismissal of John Bolton as the national security adviser last week.


3. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem urges United States to end Korean War. CNN


"We marched to show the world that this conflict no longer needs to separate families, provide excuses for nuclear weapons, and an ongoing expensive US military commitment," Steinem said in her speech. "We wanted to show the world with our bodies that this border is penetrable and arbitrary. With political will, it is a wound that can be healed."



Dear Esteemed Friend,


This week, under the harshest US-and-UN-led sanctions regime against people in North Korea, two Koreas hold the 3rd inter-Korean summit between President Moon and Chairman Kim in Pyongyang.


After having lived together for 5000 years, our Korean nation had been separated for 70 years. Today at this place I propose to completely end 70 years of animosity and take a big step toward to once again become one and unify. President Moon Jae-in, speech in front of 150,000 citizens of Pyongyang.


Please, with your thoughts and excitement, be our companion on this historic journey towards peace in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia!


Please help us!


The Office of President Moon. Full Text. Sep. 19th. Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of 2018.


1) Key Points:


"Today we adopted a military agreement to make a nuclear-free Korean peninsula." -- Chairman Kim Jong Un


To shut down permanently the Dongchang-ri missile engine testing facility and missile launch pad under the participation of experts from related countries.


To continue taking additional steps, such as a permanent shutdown of the Yongbyon nuclear facility (where plutonium is produced) if US takes reciprocal measures.


2) Take-away:


Another major accomplishment of South Korea's sophisticated, especially President Moon's diplomacy.


President Moon can demonstrate to Trump some genuine progress on denuclearization.


North Korea expects the action-for-action approach.


Now it's up to President Trump to undertake a historic mission that no American President has done: end the Korean War and leave a lasting legacy for future generations in the United States and Korea! History will credit Mr. Trump for this mission. Courage!


3) Reaction from South Korea: "A unified Korea without the treat of war--a dream or reality?"


"Wow....!!!, "A major victory for President Moon": reaction from the international press at the Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, Seoul.

"The Korean Peninsula without the threat of war has begun".


"The United States should acknowledge the sincerity of North Korea and takes corresponding steps".


North and South Korea hail new future.


"Deeply moving"


Moon Chung-in (special advisor to President Moon): The Pyongyang Declaration is very specific, actionable and historic as this is the first time that North Korea mentioned a permanent destruction of nuclear production facilities.


Overall, an excellent summit! Real improvement in inter-Korean relations continues while facilitating serious denuclearization talks between U.S.-DPRK.


Peace, A New Future

"ȭ, ο ̷"


1. Peace, A New Future. South Koreas new English website for the Sept. 18-20th Inter-Korean Summit in Pyeongyang.



2. A 200-member Delegation to the inter-Korean summit in Pyeongyang, North Korea 2018.


Number of official delegation: 14.


Number of special delegation accompanying President Moon: 52.


Regular participants including staff: 91.


Reporters: 17.

2600 reporters in an international press center at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul.


3. Reuters. North Koreas Kim says summit with Trump stabilized region, sees more progress.


You Mr. President are traveling all around the world, but our country is humble compared with developed nations, Kim told Moon. Ive been waiting and waiting for today. The level of the accommodation and schedule we provide may be low, but its our best sincerity and heart. Chairman Kim Jong-un, North Korea


4. Expectations rise for South Korea's mediator role as President Moon Jae-in meets North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un for the third time. Kim wants a bigger outcome at a faster pace, while Moon says it is time for the process to bear fruits.


5. NBC. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un embraced South Korean Moon upon his arrival in Pyongyang for their third summit.

6. CNN. Remarkable images on the streets of Pyongyang Tuesday. Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in waving to crowds lining the route of the motorcade. Two leaders who know the power of an image.


7. Jonathan Cheng, Wall Street Journal. Moon Jae-ins triumphal entry to Pyongyang.


8. President Moon is optimistic about U.S.-DPRK negotiations.


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President Moon stressed reciprocity by stating that North Korea has already taken several irreversible measures towards denuclearization, while the United States has done only one so farsuspending the war game which it can resume anytime.


9. Moon Chung-in (a special advisor to President Moon). Inter-Korean relationship cannot be a byproduct of U.S.-North Korean relationship. , ù, ȭ ü ȣ.


Entirely focusing on denuclearization is going to make NKs economic opening difficult.


A failed relationship with North Korea will trigger a domino effect of nuclearization in Northeast Asia


It is difficult for the Korean government to promote an end to Korean War as it is part of bargaining; therefore, help from civic organizations, international community, Korean National Assembly, civilian diplomacy is needed.


10. Park Won-soon, Mayor of City of Seoul. "I am very happy to be able to accompany the historic inter-Korean summit.


ڿ , ȸ㿡 ϰ Ǿ ޴ϴ.


11. Chung Sae-hyun, a former Unification Minister.


, Ϻ , ȸ ױ ȭ ü ̴. 鸮 ʴ ų .


The upcoming inter-Korean summit will be followed by ending the Korean War and creating a peaceful and unified regime.


The resistance against peace in hopes of restoring an ancient regime (division and hostility) will be fierce. Please do not be swayed by the opposition.


The diplomatic normalization between North Korea and the United States means disintegration of half of the Cold War structure and reordering of Northeast Asia.


12. Park Ji-won, National Assembly Member and former Chief of Staff for President Kim Dae-jung. "President Moon hit a home run by successfully leading the inter-Korean summit."


ǿ, ȸ 鵹Ĵ Ȩ.


From Chairman Kims point of view, North Korea proactively executed 4 irreversible measures towards denuclearization. However, neither President Trump or the rest of the world gives credit to its efforts


13. Kim Gyu-yon, a Junior-high school student. "In a unified Korea, I would like to take care of kids in North Korea".


Ҿư ǻ簡 Ǿ ̵ ʹ. Կ ҳ.


She wrote a letter to President Moon about the reunion of her grandfather with his brother in North Korea. I will devote for the reunificationMy dream is to be a pediatrician and take of kids in North Korea.


14. Lee Ester (20), Sophomore, Sookmyong Womens College. " The previous generation accomplished independence and democratization. Our generation can accomplish unification and make a nation we can be proud of". 츮 뿡 ̷ Ѵ. ̿ л.


In the future, I would like to be a China expert and serve as a bridge between China and a unified KoreaChinas role is critical to the process of reunification of Korea. In the future, I would like to be a China expert and serve as a bridge between China and a unified KoreaCurrently, no program that allows inter-Korean college students. When opportunities arise, I would like to propose such program


15. North and South Korea Are Now in Communication '24 Hours a Day' for First Time Since War. The image of living together will spread beyond Gaesung and spread to the entire Korean Peninsula.


South Koreans on the 2nd floor and North Koreans on the 4th floor will meet on the 3rd floor. Spokesperson of the Blue House.


"The inter-Korean joint liaison office is a channel for round-the-clock communication in the new era of peace," South Korea's Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon said in a speech, according to official Yonhap News Agency. "From today, South and North Korea can have direct consultations 24 hours a day and 365 days a year over issues relating to advances in inter-Korean relations, peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula."

16. Chun Geong-bae, Korean National Assembly Member. My hearts beat with excitement. This is the first time that South Korea opened a permanent office on the North Korean soil.


õ ǿ, ó Ѷ 繫 , ݽϴ. Ÿ׿.


17. Two Koreas agree to demilitarize JSA [Joint Security Area] ahead of the summit.


The two Koreas agreed some military de-escalation measures Friday including a plan to demilitarize the Joint Security Area and continue joint recovery operations (JRO) of war dead in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in a step to relax military tensions ahead of the upcoming Pyongyang summit from Sept. 18 to 20.

18. John Hemmings, Tat Yan Kong, and Ramon Pacheco Pardo. The Diplomat. Achieving Peace on the Korean Peninsula.


ѹݵ ȭ ϴ. ̱ ϰ¹ ϾƽþƾȺ üü μƼ긦 ѿ ȭ ؾ.


From our perspective, peace would be the ideal scenario. And the way to do this it seems is for the United States to offer North Korea economic incentives and regime security in exchange for nuclear disarmament. A more prosperous, denuclearized North Korea would defuse one of the main security hotspots in Northeast Asia. It would also put an end to the last remnants of the Cold War in the Korean Peninsula. We have to be realistic and it might well be that the Koreas and the United States will just muddle along in incremental steps, with disarmament being reciprocated with sanctions relief, economic aid, and ultimately a peace regime. With Kim, Moon, and Trump committed to diplomacy in the Korean Peninsula, however, we should also hope that peace could be achieved.

19. Morton H. Halperin. 38 North. Donald Trumps Instincts Are Mostonly Right on North Korea, His Advisors Are the Problem.


, ̱, ߱ 4 ȭ ü, 6 Ⱥ ü ذᰡ. Ʈ Ǵ, ° .


The peace treaty would be signed by the two Koreas, the United States and the PRC and would formally end the Korean War. The six powers, and perhaps others, would then join a treaty creating a security structure for Northeast Asia.

20. Charles Knight. The Diplomat. What to Look For in the Pyongyang Inter-Korean Summit.


Denuclearization is a long-term project. In light of that reality, what should we expect from the upcoming summit?


Chungs statement that The discussions at the summit will be centered around issues on the permanent settlement of peace and common prosperity on the Korean Peninsula corresponds to South Korean President Moon Jae-ins formulation expressed in his recent national address that advancement in inter-Korean relations is the driving force behind denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

21. Lift the Sanctions! End the Korean War! Letter Endorsement Campaign. June 15 South Korean Committee for Reunification of Korea. , ˱ , !


The sanctions against North Korea must be lifted and the end to the Korean War must be declared in accordance with the agreements made at the June 12 DPRK-U.S. Summit and the April 27 Inter-Korean Summit.


22. Updates From Korea. Facebook Live Discussion. Medea Benjamin and Simone Chun (Live discussion an hour before President Moon's historic landing in Pyongyang on 9/18!) ϱ ̱ Ŵ ȭü ڵ ũ ȸ԰ ̽ ̺.


"The United States may not trust North Korea. North Korea may not trust the United States. But, both can trust President Moon and South Korea..." ̱ ŷ 𸥴. ̱ ŷ 𸥴. Ϲ̴ ɰ ŷϱ⸦.


Appeal to American voters: ̱ ڵ鿡 ȣմϴ.


Lift economic sanctions against North Korea! ϰ .


Support Korean peace process! ڸ ȭμ .


Vote for Korean peace in November! 11 ݵ .


70 years of waiting: North Korea's welcoming President Moon and peace!



Lastly--to our Korean Scholars, PLEASE SIGN! Scholars in Solidarity With Cho Kuk, Minister of Justice: Now is the time to reform Koreas prosecutorial system [in Korean] ߿ ̴.




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